About Us

Who are we?

We are a local family that is passionate about helping our community, especially during this time of crisis.

What we aim to do with morganhillunited.com is to use technology and a solid digital strategy to bring together information that will help our most vulnerable members of the community get through this crisis and serve it to the people that need it the most.

My wife: Morgan Hill Mayor Pro-Temp & Councilwoman:

My wife is Morgan Hill Mayor Pro Temp & Councilwoman Yvonne Martinez Beltran. Knowing I have the digital skills to build out effective tools using technology, she prompted me to build this website in order to ensure the community gets the information they need rapidly.

Me: A silicone valley tech worker with a passion for entrepreneurship and service:

My name is Roberto Beltran, I have worked in tech for about 10 years. I also run a small online boutique called lecatrina.com. During this time of crisis Yvonne and I have taken the initiative to build this website to help the community during this time of crisis. This website will evolve as the needs of the community evolve. Your feedback is critical to helping us get the information we need to build more tools and resources for the community.

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